Hand Video Bloom The Tulip Clitoris Vibrator

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The Tulip is a stylish clitoris vibrator from the elegant Bloom collection. The beautiful design of both the vibrator and the packaging makes The Tulip an indispensable toy for every woman.

This vibrator features unique swipe technology, which makes it easier to set up the vibrator just the way you like it. It works like this: turn on the vibrations and choose your favorite pattern by pressing the button on the handle. Then swipe your thumb left or right across the leaves to turn the vibration speed up or down. There are 5 different patterns and 5 speeds per pattern.

The Tulip is made from velvety silicone, so it feels fantastic on your skin. It's also splash proof, so you can use it in the shower, and it's easy to charge with the included USB cable. The Tulip comes with great extras, namely an eye mask and a toy bag. It also comes with an extensive manual that explains how to operate and use it, as well as tips for cleaning and maintaining the vibrator.