Teazers - Realistic Rabbit Vibrator - User Manual - EN

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Treat yourself or your partner to this cute rabbit vibrator from the Teazers collection. This toy provides a wonderful stimulation of your vagina, clitoris and G-spot. It has 10 different vibration modes: 3 speeds and 7 patterns. These can easily be adjusted with the buttons on the handle. Briefly press the on/off button to switch on the vibrator. It immediately begins to vibrate at the first setting. Then again press briefly on the pattern button to go to the next setting. After the last setting it automatically starts again at the first setting. Press the on / off button to switch the vibrator off again. Before and after use, thoroughly clean the toy, but clean with toy cleaner or mild soap and lukewarm water for good hygiene. Store the vibrator in a toy bag or place it in a dark, dry and dust-free place.