Teazers - Pair Vibrator - User Manual - EN

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With this unique vibrator for couples, both you and your partner can enjoy a wonderful stimulation. This multifunctional toy can be used at both ends. The round side can be used as a masturbator by sliding the ring around the penis and slowly moving it up and down. The inside of the ring is studded for extra stimulation. The two points of the ring can also be used for pinpoint stimulation of, for example, the clitoris. The other side of the toy is especially suitable for penetration, both anal and vaginal. The shaft is ribbed and has a curved design, which allows it to properly massage the G-spot or prostate. Both ends have a separate motor that can be operated separately from each other. This way, the vibrator can be set exactly as you want. Both motors have 7 different settings, 3 speeds and 4 patterns. Press and hold the power button down for a few seconds until the buttons light up. Press the + button once to switch on the vibrations in the stimulator and to go to the next setting. Press the power button once to turn on the vibrations in the vibrator and go to the next setting. The toy is fully waterproof and can be charged with the USB cable that is included.