Lioness Smart Vibrator 2.0 - Hand Video

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Unlock a whole new world of pleasure with Lioness, the world’s most advanced vibrator. Built by badass women, engineers, and designers, Lioness uses built-in sensors and an intuitive mobile app to visualize your arousal and orgasms. It’s simple: use Lioness like any other vibrator, then see your pleasure and orgasm data on your phone. Soon, you’ll begin to understand how your body responds – and how to make every orgasm more satisfying and enjoyable.

How it Works:
Lioness has sensors embedded on the insertable portion of the vibrator to measure pelvic floor contractions, like vaginal and/or anal muscles contracting and relaxing, are one of the best indicators for arousal and orgasms. During an orgasm, the pelvic floor muscles typically have a rhythmic squeezing and relaxing pattern.

Although the rhythmic pattern may stay the same, the strength and the length of an orgasm can change depending on different factors. Paired with the free Lioness app, you can keep track of what made your orgasms better, worse, or different to understand your body better and feel more confident.

Lioness gives you the power to self-experiment and see how different factors change your arousal and orgasms: mood, stress, alcohol, different partners, and more. Discover it yourself!