Master Series Dick-Spand Inflatable Dildo

3 dagen geleden - 52 weergaven

Are you ready for the next step and are you dreaming of a wonderfully full feeling? Then this inflatable Dick-Spand dildo is the right thing for you! This realistic looking dildo has a silicone cover whereas the inside has a firm core. Once inserted, you can inflate the dildo with the ball pump to a maximum diameter of 7.8 centimeter. It's just as easy to deflate it, which provides a safe and comfortable feeling. Use water-based lubricant and clean your toy after use with lukewarm water and a mild, antibacterial soap or a toy cleaner.

Including the pump, the dildo is 54.6 centimeter long in total. The dildo by itself measures 19.5 centimeter long. The insertion depth is 16.2 cm. When deflated, the dildo is at least 3 cm and maximum 4.5 cm in diameter. When inflated, the dildo will reach a diameter of 7.8 cm.

This dildo is specifically suited for the more experienced user.