LoveBotz Pro-Bang Sex Machine with Remote Control

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Meet the Pro Bang Sex Machine. This high-end machine will bring you pleasure whenever you want. All you have to do is assume the right position. When this powerful machine gets to work, all you have to do is lay down and enjoy.

The Pro Bang produces 240 thrusts per minute. The metal frame is adjustable, assuring each user of the perfect position. This sex machine includes 1 realistic dildo. The dildo is for vaginal use. The realistic glans and strongly veined shaft provide extra stimulation during penetration and a life-like experience. This machine can be controlled with the buttons on the frame or the remote control. You can choose from 5 different speeds. Your partner could hold the machine as an option, which would provide a whole different and intense experience.

The Pro Bang Sex Machine is easy to assemble. The suction cups will solidly secure the machine to any smooth surface. Which is delightful if you want to enjoy it hands-free. Arrange the machine in any desired position and adjust the arm if necessary. Attach the dildo to it and optionally use a lubricant for a comfortable feeling. Install the remote control and then plug it in. By using the buttons on the remote control, you'll quickly determine the machine's thrust frequency. Will you start gently or are you totally ready for 300 thrusts a minute?

Measurements dildo: 15.2 cm long, insertion depth 14.6 cm and 4.5 cm in diameter.