OTOUCH Bloom Clitoral Vibrator - Hand Video

12 dagen geleden - 48 weergaven

The Bloom Ultrasonic Clitoris vibrator is perfect for a quick and pleasant orgasm. Its elegant tulip design is ideal to make an intimate gift for lovers. It has a high frequency ultrasonic vibration, designed to quickly reach orgasm. It features 7 different vibration functions to suit every mood, preference, and activity, vibration starts with a teasing tickle and ramps up to a toy-curling buzz.

In addition to its tulip-inspired design, a strong shock wave and its strong and powerful inner core will deepen your most sensitive areas. Its petals made of medical grade liquid silicone are soft, designed to protect your most delicate areas. A powerful silent engine allows you to immerse yourself in your wildest fantasies without needing.

The Bloom is IPX6 waterproof. After each use, it can be easily cleaned with tap water and toycleaner and kept discreetly in its Otouch® bag. To recharge your toy, simply connect it to the included USB vibrator charger cable and let it power up between uses.