OTOUCH Yu Vibrator - Hand Video

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When it comes to seeking sexual pleasure, our fingers are the most commonly used body part. We often use our fingers to caress, press, and even insert, teasing the sensitive points of our bodies.

YU is an intimate toy that can make your fingers vibrate. Its unique and flexible U-shaped design ensures a secure fit around your fingertips without slipping off, giving you the freedom to enjoy sensual experiences.

Yu is perfect for couples and adds excitement to your intimate moments. With 7 sensual vibration modes, you can explore a range of sensations from slow and gentle to fast and powerful.

This compact, waterproof vibrator fits comfortably in your hand and is easy to carry due to its small size. It supports magnetic charging, making it convenient for long-lasting pleasure.

After use, cleaning is easy. Simply clean the toy with lukewarm water and a toycleaner, so it's ready for your next unforgettable experience. Gently pat it dry with a lint-free cloth, and you're ready to embark on a new journey of pleasure and fun.