Womanizer Premium Eco

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The Womanizer PREMIUM eco is the greenest Pleasure Air Stimulator ever created. It's made of the innovative, biodegradable Bioline and fully recyclable. The PREMIUM eco has the same options you may know from other Womanizers with air-pressure technology like the Pleasure Air Technology and Smart Silence. The innovative Pleasure Air Technology stimulates your clitoris without even touching it. Soft, sucking sensations will bring you to a new kind of orgasm that's unparalleled to regular vibrators - and now even in a environmentally responsible way. The PREMIUM eco is made of the innovative Biolene - a unique, bio-based material by Womanizer, which is moreover biodegradable. It's an eco-friendly alternative to ABS plastic. Should you decide to part ways with your PREMIUM eco, you could do so without producing waste. On top of that, Womanizer plants a tree for every PREMIUM eco sold, which supports the One Tree Planted organization. The PREMIUM eco has 12 different intensity settings that you control with the buttons on the ergonomically shaped handle. The Pleasure Air Technology was designed to gently and indirectly stimulate the sensitive nerve ends of the clitoris. It produces sucking and massaging air pressure variations, which results in an unparalleled deep and long-lasting orgasm. As soon as you turn on the PREMIUM eco, it defaults to the very discreet Smart Silence setting. Stimulation only starts when the sensor touches the skin. When skin contact is broken, the stimulator automatically turns off. The removable cap is made of body-safe silicone. That makes it easy to clean it with lukewarm water and a mild, antibacterial soap or a toy cleaner. It includes 2 caps, sizes S and M (15 and 17 mm,) so you can vary. The durable battery can be charged and could eventually be replaced with a similar 3.7 V type. Don't use any other (rechargeable) batteries. The magnetic charging cord is 50% shorter than regular charging cords, which saves material. The PREMIUM eco is splash-proof and comes with a beautiful cotton storage bag and a clear manual in several languages. The packaging doesn't include plastic. We advice a water-based lubricant for a comfortable feeling.