Satisfyer Pro 3

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This Satisfyer Pro 3 - Vibration sets off as a black panther. This clitoral stimulator from Satisfyer is an elegant and powerful air pressure vibrator. The clitoris is stimulated on all sides by pulsating air pressure waves and vibrations. The well-known pulsations of the Satisfyer can now be combined with amazing vibrations. The combinations of these functions easily takes you to new heights. The soft head of the Satisfyer Pro 3 - Vibration may seem big, but it will magically surround your clitoris. The skin-friendly silicone feels very soft and is ribbed on the inside. The powerful motor offers no less than 11 different pressure wave vibrations. Meanwhile, you operate the vibrations with another button and you can use it to select one of the 10 vibration settings. The combinations are endless with the different options. Thanks to the smooth material and its waterproof design, the Satisfyer Pro 3 - Vibration is easy to clean with toy cleaner and lukewarm water. You can also use the Satisfyer in the shower or in the bath. The design creates a realistic sense of oral sex. The luxury stimulator has three different buttons that can be operated with one hand. You switch on the Satisfyer Pro 3 - Vibration with the top button and enjoy the air pressure waves. You can also use this button to adjust the intensity and you can ensure that the intensity decreases by using the adjacent button. The vibrations are set with the large round button and you change the setting each time you press it. All possible combinations give you an intense experience.