Satisfyer Glowing Ghost

19 dagen geleden - 50 weergaven

The Satisfyer Glowing Ghost is the perfect vibrator for anyone with little experience with toys: With its cute design and compact size, the pressure wave vibrator doesn't intimidate even beginners. Thanks to its soft, skin-friendly silicone surface, the opening of this Satisfyer nestles against your clitoris and indulges it with hot pressure waves without touching it. With 11 different modes, you can determine how intense you want it to be. Additionally, the 12 extra vibration modes that can be combined with the pressure waves ensure even more ecstasy. The vibrations can also be controlled independently, allowing you to use the Ghost as a classic lay-on vibrator.

The Satisfyer Glowing Ghost also has a very special feature: Thanks to a fluorescent silicone layer, this pressure wave vibrator glows in the dark - so it doesn't get lost under the covers... It also provides an extremely pleasant experience underwater. Thanks to IPX7, it can accompany you in the shower or bath. And if the vibrator's battery runs out, you don't have to worry about it ghosting you forever: Simply recharge it with the included USB charging cable.