Creature Cocks Sabertooth Tiger Dildo - Hand Video

16 dagen geleden - 69 weergaven

Imagine being transported to a time long ago, where sabertooth tigers ruled the land. This dildo, inspired by these majestic creatures, lets you catch a glimpse of that prehistoric passion.
Just like the sabertooth tigers of yesteryears, this dildo is sturdy and flexible, offering a sensual experience that will fulfill your wildest desires. With its tapered shape and unique texture, it guarantees an intensely stimulating journey.

Made from high-quality silicone and free of phthalates, you can enjoy your playtime with peace of mind. The strong suction cup in the shape of a tiger's paw makes it easy to attach the dildo to any flat surface, bringing hands-free pleasure within reach.

Whether you're looking for exciting roleplay or cosplay sessions, this dildo adds an extra dimension to your adventures, inspired by the power and passion of the sabertooth tigers of old.

Clean it with lukewarm water and a toycleaner after use.