Balldo Viballdo (Black) - Hand Video

22 dagen geleden - 140 weergaven

After a successful market launch, the original Balldo design has been updated and the Viballdo™ has been created!

The original design has been enhanced with several new features. The Viballdo™ features a better fit, a softer tip, and a longer insertable length, making it also suitable for fuller couples.

Discover a whole new way of penetration with Viballdo™. With this starter set, it's possible to penetrate your partner with the scrotum and experience a ''ballgasm''. The creator of this brand, Jerry Davis, has conducted extensive research into the various possibilities in this area: after all, the scrotum is not actually used by most people during penetration, which sounds logical. But what if it is possible, and in an innovative way? Let's be honest: every man wants to experience that, right?

Viballdo™ features 10 vibration modes that radiate through the tip of the toy along the scrotum. The shorter silicone cage will better fit various sizes of testicles, and the penetration length has been extended by an extra 20 mm. Viballdo™ comes with 2 soft spacer rings for a perfect fit.

Viballdo™ is an excellent addition for both solo and couples play. During solo play, you can gently masturbate the scrotum, transmitting vibrations deep over the testicles. During intercourse, the Viballdo™ rubs against the clitoris or the base of the receiving partner's penis, allowing both to enjoy the vibrations.

Simply recharge the Viballdo™ with the included USB cable and clean with lukewarm water and a toy cleaner.

Please note: do not exceed your physical limits. Do not wear the Viballdo™ for too long if you feel pain, as pain is a warning from your body. If the testicles turn blue or feel cold, we recommend removing the Viballdo™ immediately.