Fleshjack Boys Johnny Rapid

21 dagen geleden - 64 weergaven

Indulge yourself with Johnny Rapid, a delightful masturbator with an anus opening modeled after the famous porn star. The Fleshjack Boys series is known for its discreet design and lives up to its name. The removable sleeve is made of SuperSkin, a body-safe silicone that feels incredibly soft and comfortable. One significant advantage is that this material quickly reaches the right temperature during use. The inside features bumps, ridges, and different "chambers," each with its own texture. With the rear cap, you can adjust the desired vacuum. The overall combination provides a very realistic and intense sensation, delivering a delightful experience. The opening is flexible and adapts completely to the size of your penis. The plastic housing ensures a secure grip on the masturbator. You can easily clean the sleeve, making the Fleshjack an ideal toy for endless pleasure.

Tips for prolonging the pleasure of your Fleshjack:

-Remove the sleeve from the hard casing after use and clean it thoroughly with lukewarm water and a toy cleaner.
-Always let the sleeve dry well in a dust-free place before placing it back in the casing.
-Use Fleshlight maintenance powder for optimal silicone protection.
-Use only water-based lubricant, as a silicone-based lubricant can damage the material.