Fleshsack Video

21 dagen geleden - 65 weergaven

The Fleshlight Fleshsack with anus opening and soft ball bag is made of Real Feel super Skin. This material feels like real skin, making it feel very realistic. The Fleshsack encloses the penis, and this gives a wonderfully realistic feeling. The removable sleeve is surrounded by a strong housing. The housing looks like a large flashlight. At the end of the Fleshlight is a cap with which you control the strength of the suction. Turn the cap for extra strong suction or for a less powerful suction. Easytoys recommends removing the sleeve of the Fleshlight from the case before using the Fleshlight. Before use, put the sleeve in warm water, which ensures that the sleeve stays warm for a longer period of time. The sleeve is especially made to retain heat for a long time.