XL Sucker Penis Pump - Hand Video

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A true classic that, despite its minimalist design, promises real success experiences! With the handy ball pump, you gradually create a pleasant vacuum, which ensures increased blood flow to your penis. After a short period of use, you can already look forward to a bigger and harder erection, both for yourself and of course for your partner. Use it when you're alone or before having fun with a happily chosen partner.

The application is quite simple: apply some lubricant to the cylinder and its edge to achieve a sealing effect. Next, simply insert your penis (really ONLY the penis – not the testicles!) into the cylinder up to the limit, making sure the edge rests smooth on the skin. In the case of more hair in the intimate area, it may be that the vacuum effect does not work because even contact is not possible. A quick shave can solve this quickly and look stylish too! When everything is in place, start pumping using the ball pump at the end of the hose – but not too quickly. Instead, slowly approach optimal suction.

Pump only to the point where it is still comfortable - after all, it should be enjoyable and not hurt. It is also advisable to avoid applications longer than 15 minutes (10 minutes for beginners) as this can also become painful. If the pressure is too strong and you want to release the pressure after successful use, simply press the designated button on the pump ball and pull your penis out of the cylinder.