Lockdown Chastity Cage (Transparent) - Hand Video

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Are you ready for an exciting bondage game? This Lockdown chastity cage makes it impossible for the wearer to get an erection. The transparent cage ensures that you can see through it. The cage can even be worn for several days in a row for intense foreplay. The front opening allows the wearer to urinate without having to take off the cage. This beautiful set comes with 5 rings with different sizes for a perfect fit (4.5 - 6.5 cm). The set also includes a metal padlock with 2 keys and 5 numbered plastic padlocks. The plastic clasps can be cut after use to loosen them. The different numbers on the clasps ensure that the wearer cannot secretly take off the penis cage and put a new lock on it!

Note: Take off the penis cage while sleeping to avoid injuries and discomfort.