PDX Elite Motorbator 2 Masturbator

39 dagen geleden - 731 weergaven

Enjoy a hands-free masturbation experience with the Moto-Bator 2 from Pipedream Elite X. This updated Moto-Bator has an even more powerful engine and that makes for an even more intense experience than before. The vibrations, pulsations and suction power have been given a major update. All to create the best experience that can't be matched.

The Moto-Bator 2 takes masturbation to the next level. The strong motor is easy to charge with a USB cable, so you're always good to go. The structure on the inside provides a pleasant and sensational effect and almost all settings are easy to adjust to your wishes! After use, you can easily remove the sleeve by turning the ring to clean it with toy cleaner and lukewarm water.

On the masturbator, you'll find four different buttons, each with a different letter. Press the (V) button to start stimulating vibrations, and press (V) again to switch between the five different vibration modes. To turn off the vibrations, press and hold the (V) for three seconds. You can start the bumping function by pressing the (T). As soon as you press the (T) several times, you switch between the different bumping function speeds. As with the (V), you also need to press and hold the (T) for three seconds to disable this function.

But the Moto-Bater 2 has even more functions and buttons. For example, you can use the (S) to activate and control the suction power. With every press of the (S) button, you go to another sensational sucking experience. You can also turn this function off by pressing and holding the (S) button for three seconds. The last button is the (R). You can only use this option if you want to disable all functions at once.