Cruizr CP01 Rotating & Sucking Automatic Masturbator - FAQs

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The CRUIZR CP01 is a luxurious and discreet masturbator with 10 rotating and 5 sucking functions. You can enjoy delightful penis stimulation and easily choose from all the options. The masturbator makes a spiral rotating motion to provide an even more realistic experience. The soft, elastic silicone sleeve has a vaginal opening and is filled with numerous bumps and ridges on the inside.

Press the voice activator button and enjoy a sultry female voice that makes it clear she's enjoying just as much as you are! Also included are earphones so you can discreetly enjoy your experience.

This masturbator comes with a special suction cup holder, allowing you to enjoy hands-free pleasure and position the masturbator in any desired angle. Charging it is quick and easy with the USB cable.

Use the CRUIZR CP01 as foreplay with your partner or enjoy a unique solo experience. You can quickly and easily download the manual via the QR code on the packaging.

The sleeve is removable and easy to clean with lukewarm water and toy cleaner. Make sure it's thoroughly dry before placing it back in the housing. Do not fully immerse the masturbator in water as it may damage the electronics.Rotatin