AK G1 Pro Automatic Handheld Sex Machine

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Meet the G1 PRO Portable Automatic Sex Machine, a top-of-the-line device specially designed to take your sexual experiences to new heights.

The G1 PRO is the upgraded version of the G1. It's not just a difference in color, but it also has a faster motor speed (320 times/min) and less noise. Additionally, it comes with a beautiful storage box, so you can discreetly and dust-free store it.

With its unique thrusting function, the G1 offers a lifelike experience that mimics the sensations of real sex. Thanks to its innovative design, the device stays perfectly in place, allowing you to enjoy an unparalleled level of intimacy.

With a built-in heating system of 38.5 degrees, the G1 replicates the body temperature of an aroused partner, eliminating the need for external heating devices so you can enjoy it right away.

Thanks to its internal technology, the vibrating head stays in constant contact with the clitoris while the detachable dildo provides simultaneous internal and external stimulation. Achieve mind-blowing orgasms with the dual vibration and thrusting capabilities of the G1!

Made of high-quality TPE silicone, it feels soft and comfortable. The realistic texture and stimulating ridges feel like real skin.

The portable design is compact and perfectly tailored to the female anatomy. The G1 is ideal for solo or couple play and offers endless possibilities.

The G1 is designed by AK Studio and the result of a year-long hard work to create the ultimate machine. Discover it yourself!