User Manual Kegel Ball Set with Remote Control (Purple) - ET892PNK

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With this complete set, you have everything you need to train your pelvic floor muscles! The set includes 3 vaginal balls with a single and double ball, and a vibrating egg with a wireless remote control. Thanks to pelvic floor training, you can enjoy a tighter vagina and increased sensation during orgasms. Insert the balls and contract your pelvic floor muscles to keep the balls in place. This way, the muscles are trained and will become stronger with regular use. Clean after use with lukewarm water and a toy cleaner.

Single ball: Length 14 cm, weight 39 grams
Double ball: Length 17 cm, weight 86 grams
Double ball: Length 18 cm, weight 73 grams
Vibrating egg: Length 17 cm, weight 64 grams
Number of modes: 10
Remote control: Length 6 cm, weight 19 grams