BLOWCAST Wingman Lite Automatic Masturbator - Hand Video

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Introducing BLOWCAST; designed with innovation and passion, meant to bring your fantasies to life! The Wingman LITE offers a unique experience with a delightful stroking function. With its powerful motor and soft textured sleeve, you'll discover sensations like never before.

The ergonomic design is made to comfortably fit in your hand, allowing you to effortlessly enjoy while the masturbator does its job. Choose from a total of 8 different settings that you can easily control while it's in use. Place your phone in the included detachable phone holder, lean back, and savor what BLOWCAST has to offer.

Cleaning the masturbator is very simple. Remove the sleeve from the housing and rinse it thoroughly with lukewarm water and a toy cleaner. Let it dry thoroughly before reinserting it. The Wingman LITE comes with a manual and a USB cable.

Whether you desire ultra-soft caresses or intense pulsations, BLOWCAST offers a customized experience. There's a BLOWCAST for every mood and every moment. Discover it for yourself!