Satisfyer Pro 2

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The Satisfyer Pro 2 Next Generation is a real crowd pleaser! With 11 powerful modes of delicious air pressure stimulation, prepare to experience breathtaking stimulations like never before!

Luxury stimulator
With air pressure technology
11 air pressure settings
Easy to use
Top quality silicone cap
100% waterproof
Colour: Gold
How does the Satisfyer Pro 2 work?
This innovative sex toy shows you a whole new side to pleasure! The Satisfyer Pro 2 stimulates the clitoris without making contact by using an innovative air pressure technology. The pulsating air pressure waves delivered by the Satisfyer Pro 2 means you can enjoy the pleasures of contact free stimulation and stimulate your clitoris without direct contact with the skin.

What is special about the Satisfyer Pro 2?
With 11 exciting and powerful modes of stimulation, the Satisfyer Pro 2 Next Generation is a special toy you can not ignore! . This clitoral stimulator is waterproof so you can bring your toy with you for an extra long shower or a pleasure filled soak in the bath; and with its quiet sound level no one will be the wiser.

What makes the Satisfyer Pro 2 different from other air vibrators?
The 11 vibration modes and the stimulation they deliver make the Satisfyer Pro 2 standout. Also this sex toy’s deliciously low price makes it stand out among its counterparts. This toy is perfect for women looking to explore new forms of sexual stimulation on a budget! The Satisfyer Pro 2 feels soft on the skin so all experiences with the toy are comfortable and enjoyable and thanks to the contactless stimulation, you are introduced to a new orgasmic feeling with the risk of over-stimulation being minimized.

How do I clean the Satisfyer Pro 2?
The after care for the Satisfyer is very simple. The waterproof nature of the toy means it is easy to clean without the worry of lubricants or water damaging the toy. In addition, the silicone head is easily replaceable making the cleaning process a swift and stress free one.