Womanizer Wave

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Introducing Womanizer Wave, the ultimate pleasure shower head. This innovative product combines the expertise of hansgrohe, renowned bathroom experts, with the pleasure leadership of Womanizer. Experience the unique 2-in-1 function that combines a top-of-the-range shower head with a water-pressure clitoral massager. With EcoSmart technology, it saves water by using 60% less than conventional shower heads without compromising performance. Discover three different water jets and pressure intensities at the touch of a button for a variety of sensational experiences. Elevate your self-care routine with the world's best shower and the world's number one pleasure brand.

Using the WOMANIZER Wave is easy:

Install the Wave by attaching it to your shower hose.
Switch between settings: PowderRain for a luxurious shower, PleasureWhirl for sensual massage, and PleasureJet for powerful pulsation.
Hold the ergonomic shower head in one hand for effortless stimulation.
Adjust the intensity slider on the shower head for customized water pressure.
Experience thrilling sensations as the natural power of water embraces your body.