Perifit Care +

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Perifit Care+ presents the new powerhouse for revolutionary pelvic floor training! The Care+ kegel balls are smaller, stronger, and even smarter. Specially designed for women of all ages who want to restore, renew, and strengthen their pelvic floor in a fun and innovative way.

With the free Perifit app, you can exercise with 7 different programs. This allows you to work on stronger pelvic floor muscles at your own pace and level. Discomforts such as unwanted urine leakage, a prolapsed uterus, or a flabby vaginal wall after childbirth can be resolved by regular training in this way.

The Care+ kegel balls are easy to insert due to their ergonomic design and made of ultra-soft, body-safe silicone. Unlike its predecessor, the Care+ has a flexible design and can be used in any desired position. Whether you're standing, sitting, lying down, walking, or exercising, it adapts perfectly to your body.

The patented double sensor technology in the kegel balls has been renewed and now provides even more precise measurements. The intra-abdominal pressure sensor recognizes incorrect contractions, while the surface sensor measures your contractions and relaxations. The Care+ has the most accurate measuring equipment of all kegel trainers on the market! This allows the Care+ to feel exactly how the exercises are being performed and transmit the necessary information to the app through a Low Energy Bluetooth connection at the end. A normal Wi-Fi signal or mobile network is 100 times stronger than a Perifit signal, so it can be used safely.

In the app, you can easily track all your personal results and progress. This is motivating and helps you reach your goal even faster.

The Care+ is equipped with a handy pull cord for safe removal after use. You don't have to worry about batteries or misplaced charging cables; the Care+ has a tiny built-in battery that lasts up to 10 years.

Insert, train, track - and feel your pelvic muscles getting stronger!