Banana Pants Honeybunch

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The extensive collection of silicone attachments from the brand Bananapants provides a whole new experience for all women who enjoy using strap-ons! The various types have both stimulating and protective benefits and are easy to use. Thanks to the innovative design, they can be easily attached to almost any dildo and remain in place perfectly. With every thrust, the clitoris is optimally stimulated, making it easier to achieve orgasm. Additionally, the sensitive vaginal skin is protected, and the wearer experiences less discomfort from a (potentially) cumbersome harness. It is also possible to insert a bullet vibrator into the Honeybunch for extra stimulation! (max. 1,8 x 8,5 cm)

Bananapants combines looks with innovation, creating a whole new experience. Choose the one that best suits your personal needs and enjoy a thoughtful and fun addition to your sex life!

Use a dildo with a flat, wide base for the right grip. Clean the attachment after use with lukewarm water and an antibacterial soap or toy cleaner, and pat it dry with a lint-free cloth.

Note: the Honeybunch is delivered without a dildo and/or bullet vibrator.