OTOUCH Deven Automatic Masturbator

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This masturbator has a nice, discreet case. The Deven masturbator fits comfortably in the hand and has a complete silicone interior and exterior. The masturbator features an open design, so it will fit every man. Men suffering from erectile dysfunction can also use this masturbator. The masturbator is equipped with 6 different vibration settings and 2 different temperature settings. The unique up and down strike technology makes your penis go up and down and you can choose from 6 speeds. The 2 heating functions bring you to a maximum temperature of 45 degrees and can be switched on and off separately. It's very easy to switch between the various functions with the buttons at the top. The soft interior has ribbed patterns that creates optimum stimulation for your penis. The Deven is splash proof and rechargeable with the included USB cable. Always use some lubricant on the penis for extra comfort.