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The LELO F1S™ V2 is the improved version of the most innovative masturbator. The V2's motor is twice as strong for intense vibrations. The sleeve is made of body-safe silicone, is softer and more flexible for the perfect fit. In addition, the F1S™ V2 has four specifically designed stimulation programs that provide unique satisfaction. The V2 is equipped with 10 very sensitive sensors that provide feedback on your personal performance. Using these sensors creates a stimulation program that is tailored, and the best for you.

The F1S™ V2 masturbator again uses sonic waves. These waves are created by the special Cruise Control™ technology. This has the great advantage that you can use the masturbator hands-free. Which allows you to relax and enjoy yourself to the fullest. This makes the F1S™ V2 the ultimate masturbator.

The V2 masturbator uses four different stimulation programs. Within these programs, you can use seven different stimulation patterns. This allows you to design the ultimate program that suits you best.

The special app allows you to control the masturbator by connecting it through Bluetooth. There is an app for your phone where you have complete understanding of the toy and it's behavior. The app for example tracks the number of thrusts, but also the masturbator's temperature. The LELO app also offers extra options which provides you an even better experience. The two motors are easy to operate with the plus and minus buttons on your screen. Connecting to the app is just as easy, all you have to do is briefly press and hold the on/off button.

You can clean the V2 Masturbator with toy cleaner and lukewarm water after use. The sleeve of the LELO V2 Masturbator cannot be removed. This high-end masturbator is discreetly designed, and can be stored in the included toy bag. Use plenty of water-based lubricant for extra comfort.