EasyToys Pleasure Pump

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After using this Pleasure Pump, you will never want to use anything else! While the pump increases the blood flow to your erogenous zones, you are not only assured of a wonderful sucking stimulation, your swollen and shiny vulva is an exciting sight for you in the mirror or for your partner. The tongue spoils your clitoris in exactly the perfect way through the 7 stimulation positions. The G-spot vibrator at the other end has 10 vibration modes and is ribbed for extra pleasure. You can operate all functions separately from one another. The Pleasure Pump has 2 attachments with a 6 and 8 cm diameter. These are easy to change. Use a little bit of lubricant on the skin for an extra strong vacuum effect.

You can recharge the Pleasure Pump with the included USB cable. Clean your toy after use with lukewarm water and a toy cleaner. The Pleasure Pump may not be submerged under water!

G-spot vibrator insertion depth: 10 cm. Maximum diameter is 4 cm.