Rosy Gold Nouveau BDSM Set

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This stylish 9-piece BDSM set includes everything for an unforgettable and exciting experience. Whether you're beginners or more experienced, this set provides plenty challenge and has an elegant and luxurious appearance. Build up excitement with the satin blindfold, tease your partner with the feather tickler and please each other with the wonderfully fragranced massage candle. Take away your partner's freedom of movement with the adjustable wrist and ankle cuffs or guide him or her with the kinky leash while you gentle slap with the whip. The adjustable tweezer clamps feature feathers that enhance the nipples' sensitivity. Be sweet or naughty, challenge each other and fully experiment with this beautiful Rosy Gold box.

The wrist cuffs are adjustable from 12 to 19 cm. Total length of 35 cm. It's 5 cm wide.
The ankle cuffs can be adjusted between 25 and 36 cm. Total length of 39 cm. It's 5 cm wide.
The collar can be adjusted between 35 and 45 cm (with snap buttons). It's 2.5 cm wide.
The leash is 97 cm long in total.