The Naughty And Nice Advent Calendar

21 maanden geleden - 14065 weergaven

EasyToys Erotic Advent Calendar 2022

Looking for a way to add some spice to your sex life? Look no further than the Erotic Advent Calendar from EasyToys. With 24 exciting surprises to enjoy, this affordable calendar is sure to be the most exciting gift your lover will receive this year. From vibrators and bondage toys to lubricant and massage oil, the erotic advent calendar has something for everyone.

Instructions for use:

  • Box no. 1: The separately supplied batteries must be inserted in alternate directions. Line the plus and minus signs with the signs on the toy. Close the toy, making sure that it is straight so that it closes securely. The battery for the remote control is supplied separately and should be inserted smooth side up. Try not to touch the bottom of the battery. Then press the on/off button on the remote control continuously until the egg starts vibrating after which you can switch settings.

  • Box no. 4: the charging point is under the handle.

  • Box no 24: the charging point is on the side of the round section of the toy, next to the power button.

  • Toys with a magnetic charger: make sure the charger is properly connected to the toy's charging point. If it is connected correctly, the light will come on.

  • To test and/or use the product, it is important that the toy is not connected to the charger.

  • Packaging: this year's packaging is different to previous years. The calendar now consists of an inner box surrounded by the Naughty and Nice wrapper. The inner box with wrapper will be delivered in a brown shipping box. The calendar is tightly packed within. Open the packaging as follows:

Carefully open the top and bottom of the brown shipping box using a knife or a pair of scissors. Then open the glued seams at the sides of the box by pulling them open using your hands. You can now carefully remove the calendar as a whole from the transport packaging.