Teazers Kegel Ball Set

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Train your pelvic floor muscles with this Kegel ball set and enjoy the benefits! This complete set consists of 6 Kegel balls with varying weights (35, 60, 85, 100, 115 en 130 grams), so you can start small and slowly work your way up to the heaviest ball at your own pace. Apply some water-based lubricant to one of the balls and gently insert it in the vagina. Tense the pelvic floor muscles to keep the ball in place. Train daily for 20 minutes for the best result. Clean the balls after every use with lukewarm water and toy cleaner.

The benefits of strong pelvic floor muscles are more intense orgasms, more stimulation during penetration, and more bladder control. The Kegel balls are also great to use if you struggle with issues like a wide vagina or incontinence.