Amorelie Joy Whirl Vibrating Egg - Red

5 maanden geleden - 23 weergaven

With AMORELIE Joy's "Whirl" vibrating egg, you can discreetly give free rein to your desire everywhere and transmit it to your partner via Bluetooth remote control. For this, turn on the toy - this is only done with the control button directly on the vibrating egg. With another click you can change the speed, a double click changes the vibration pattern. To turn off the toy, just press the button for one second. Put some water-based lubricant on the vibrating egg and insert it up to the reminder strip - like with a tampon.

In addition, you can control the toy using the remote control if it has been switched on beforehand or if it is in standby mode. To do this, use the large button and proceed as described above. With the small button you can put the vibrating egg in stand-by mode. This switches itself off after 20 minutes at the latest in order to save energy.

Make sure the travel lock is deactivated before first use. To do this, press and hold the on/off button on the toy for 5 seconds.